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Our aim is to make perfect furniture


Deco’s custom kitchens have been the epitome of handcrafted excellence and quality for many years. Designed to your specifications, and built with premium materials,...


The bathroom has shifted in importance to become a highlight of a stylish home. As it is also a sanctuary living space, allow it...

Walk-in Closets

Our innovative custom closet design options allow you to maximize space while also creating a daily retreat fit to your specifications. Featuring premium materials...

Living Spaces

Create the perfect living space to entertain your guests or a private place to relax with our custom furniture. Store your possessions or highlight...


See some of our other work, built to excellence and crafted with the customer’s creativity and needs in mind.


A Word from CEO

Since 2003, Deco Custom Woodwork has provided custom woodworking services to the New York Area. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to implementing quality materials, Deco Custom Woodwork has customized some of the most unique living spaces and galleries in the New York area. With the businesses founder perfecting his craft since 1984 as a teenager in Greece working in wood shops during the summers, he’s brought his passion here and has served the New York area ever since.


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